Objective:- Mount Anglia body on MX5 floor pan.
Project start date:- January 2019.

2001 Mazda MX5 mk2.5 1840cc.   1965 Ford Anglia Super 1198cc.
I have a couple of Videos on Youtube to view. Not very good. 1st timer

MX5 Taken on track day at Blyton Park for mechanical testing. Performed well all day.
Anglia aquired Dec 2018. Body in average condition. Floor & chassis beyond repair. Mechanically sound. Started & drove well.

MX5 floor pan had braces welded in place prior to cutting away all outer body panels. Thus preventing it folding in on itself.
Anglia had all body panels & front end removed prior to cutting floor out. Existing sills remain to maintain shape.

New fabricated sills, sill corners, rear 1/4 repair section front & back, front flinch panels,
A posts & veriuos other panels made & fully welded in place.

360 deg Rotisserie frame made to assist project. Its been a real time saver.
Floor fully descaled,
cleaned, rust treatment, etch primer, Zinc 182 Primer,
Seam sealed & stonechip ready for top coat.

Custom made 8 point roll cage formed & fabrictaed then fully welded in place on purpose made floor posts. Cage extended through bulkhead & welded to front fish plates welded to cut down front chassis leg rails. Removeable space frame front end made to carry radiator, intercooler & oil cooler. Flip front body also  to be mounted on space frame.

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